15 best Super Bowl XLVII storytelling commercials

There was an obvious theme in the recent Super Bowl commercials and if you read my last post I’m sure you probably picked up on it: STORYTELLING.  As promised, I compiled a list of 15 additional examples of storytelling in commercial advertisements that you can use as inspiration as well as a resource to help you brainstorm for your own ideas.  They are in no particular order, and the type of storytelling incorporated into each commercial varies among them all.

After watching each video, I would suggest scribbling down a few notes about what you observed that worked or didn’t work regarding the story telling technique(s) being used!

1. Audi – “Prom”

2. Samsung Mobile USA – “The Next Big Thing”

3. Kia Sorento – “Space Babies”

4. Taco Bell – “Viva Young” (one of my favorites!)

5. Subway – “A Story 15 Years in the Making”

6. Hyundai – “Don’t Tell”

7. Milk Mustache Campaign Super Bowl XLVII

8. M&M’s – “Love Ballad”

9. Axe Apollo – “Lifeguard”

10. Doritos – “Goat 4 Sale”

11. Doritos – “Fashionista Daddy”

12. Bud Light – “Lucky Chair”

13. Coca Cola – “Chase Ad” (notice that this commercial plays on interactive storytelling)

14. Jeep – “Whole Again”

And of course I saved the BEST for last, hands down, Ram Trucks wins the best storytelling advertisement of the century award…

15. Ram Trucks – “Farmer”


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